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2009 Submissions

<==Violet Moon Rise==> Miscellaneous Song
<==Violent Circles==> Techno Song
<==Blades of Lightening==> Dance Song
<==Stomp the Sand==> Dance Song
>Gods at Play< Classical Song
<==Cry Out In Terror==> Techno Song
<--An Angry Afterlife--> Miscellaneous Song
<--Heaven and Earth--> Ambient Song
<==Floating Freely==> Dance Song
>Welcome to my Haunted House< Miscellaneous Song
<==Silver Strut==> Techno Song
<==Raining Rage==> Techno Song
>Simple Dreams< Ambient Loop
<--ObsidianOcean--> Ambient Song
<==Volcanic Serenade==> Techno Song
<--Molten Emerald--> Techno Song
<--Silver Rain--> Trance Song