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So... confused...

Well congrats on your first moving movie but...

Seriously, it looks to me like you spent next to no time making this, and only bothered to spend that infinitesimal amount of time to get people to stop complaining about you not animating. Well, all this is likely to do is make more people complain more because absolutely no effort went into this at all. Seriously, spend an hour trying to make something that at least looks like you tried, and the decent people will stop complaining and actually offer useful criticism. We're not writing mean reviews, we're writing reviews that are true to fact.

Now go make something worth posting, please. Do us all a favor.

superuber responds:

i worked on this for 5 hours


Not exactly an orgiginal ending, i kinda saw that one coming. But i guess the good jokes never die ^^

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I enjoyed the demo, but you need more musical variation. I would get bored and quit after the first three levels if it just played the same loop over and over again like it did here. You need different music for when you're telling them what to do, for when your lining up your attacks in battle, for when you're actually in battle; and you need sound effects for all the attacks, and conjuring and whatnot.
I look forward to the full version, with a full soundtrack hopefully.

THE PUBLIC (or at least me) DEMAND MUSIC!!

MUSIC! It needs MUSIC! With a simple game like this, the average teenager (like me) will lose intrest about as fast as it takes for them to get 20 blocks. Boooring. So add music, then it'll be a little bit more intresting.
While you're at it, listen to the other reviews too. They've said all that needs to be said other than the little problem with the mute quality of the game. There's tons of potential, now expand the idea. Make it a challenge, there needs to be some sort of conflict.

It was fun

This was a relativly fun, simple game, but i really don't see the rhythm element.

MrManiacMan responds:

Yes, I like simplicity in my break-time games! The rhythm element is the great assortment of music from the AP that complements the level's theme.
Thank you for the 9/10!
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.

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I've always loved the Chocobo Theme. And i also love this remix. It's pretty awesome.

-1 point because the off beat bass notes were the exact same through the whole song. Not as much to my liking.


Whooaa Creepy

Wow that was creepy O.O
You set the theme artfully. I was shaking in my boots by the time the voices started laughing.
How did you make the voices? Did you just record yourself "la la la"-ing?

DDgeek84 responds:

yes. I la-la-la-ed the hell out of that with garageband. I love garageband. :3


This would be perfect if it were an orchestral score that i could buy and play with my school, instead of a sound file. But either way.
The awesome power of the tuba is horribly overlooked, but this does a good job of showing us how amazing it is.

West is my surname, as in the direction on the compass. Hence, Dj Compass! Music is my passion. I love love love it. So one day i bought FL. Hopefully i'll buy a nice VST one of these days... Images by Mysterious-Wind of deviantArt. Check out her art ^^

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